SupportingHer Birth Class

When labor finally happens, feeling well-informed and prepared for your birth and the arrival of your baby is going to be key for reducing anxiety, uncertainty, and expanding your tool kit of ways to cope with your labor. Why should the laboring mother be the only one to educate herself and be prepared for the big day? Her partner needs to be informed on what she'll be going through, how to help her through each phase, and how to work with her and her caregivers to create a more positive and supportive environment for her. I know you will feel more confident knowing that he too has prepared in every way possible to be your biggest advocate.

SupportingHer is a birth class that does exactly that! This class was designed by childbirth educators and doulas, Kathleen Leathers and Alice Turner. They have created an easily accessible resource of childbirth education that is geared completely towards dad. The videos are full of action items, specific advice, scenarios, and real-life stories from dads who have been through this. Your partner will definitely be ready to support you, advocate for you, and provide for you in physical and emotional ways during labor after watching this course. He is going to be present in your labor in a completely different way than if he had not taken this course, and he will be there with his very own “tool kit” to provide for you.

The class is video-based, and packed full of information with a runtime of just under 2 hours. This class will also help him to participate in the preparation, excitement, and bonding that occurs more naturally with the mother before the baby is born.

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Birth​ is like a river.

     The way of birth is to flow 

                 with the currents. 

            To turn against them takes effort, 

                          but the currents will 

                      carry you if you let them.​


Fourth Trimester Housekeeping Service

As a mother of four, I know how challenging and frustrating it can be to keep the house clean after having a baby. Being a new parent has a lot of demands, and even though we are told that those living with us and visitors should understand why the house isn't spotless, some of us moms still let it bother us and beat ourselves up about it. I'm here to tell you that it's ok, and it's ok to ask for help with the housework. Having a new baby takes up all your precious time and bonding and nurturing that tiny human is priority. I can help take the anxiety of cleaning away and help you with your housekeeping needs while you bond with baby. I have been cleaning houses and small business for 12 years. For this type of specific housekeeping service, I have an hourly rate and will get done whatever you request, including but not limited to:

-dishes: cleaning and puting away/loading dishwasher

-cleaning counters and sinks with non-toxic antibacterial cleaner

-wiping stove and microwave

-wiping outside of applicances

-wiping other surfaces

-dusting furniture

-doing laundry: washing, folding and puting away

-cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

-vacuuming & mopping floors (I have Rainbow vacuum that doubles as an air filtration system using water to clean allergens out of the air and freshen the air while powering the vacuum to suck up dust and dander embedded into carpet and hard wood floor crevices)

Rebozo Relaxation Techniques

As a doula, I try to widen my knowledge of various techniques used to reduce tension, bring about muscle relaxation, pain relief, favorable pelvic positioning that is beneficial to the baby's descent down the birth canal, progress labor efficiently and safely, and aid with the pushing stage of labor. I attended a class taught by Gena Kirby on the ancient practice of the Mexican Rebozo shawl during labor, child birth and post partum. The rebozo is an amazing tool to use during labor and childbirth! When my client requests these techniques, I give the option of keeping the rebozo as a special keepsake to remember her birth experience and also use to carry the baby in, also known as Traditional Sling Carry (TSC) or Traditional Back Carry (TBC).  This is something I discuss in more detail during our doula/client prenatal appointments and will be the choice of the pregnant mother is she wants to add this service during labor and childbirth. 

Service Pricing

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