About Me

I am a Texan born, God-fearing mother of four children. In 2001, I gave birth to my first daughter in the hospital after laboring all day at home alone. My water broke on the one hour bumpy drive to St. David's Central and I was greeted by an OB I have never met. It turned out to be a pretty traumatic experience; I felt like I had no rights and no voice in how I wanted to give birth. None of the hospital staff honored my birth plan choices and I felt alone in that life-changing moment. My second birth wasn't so bad because it went by quickly and I had a family member there to support, encourage, and help advocate for me on my birth choices. My third birth was the longest to be experienced in a hospital setting and I regret not having more support for that 16 hour labor. With my fourth pregnancy, I decided I wanted to do it different; with an atmosphere where I could be comfortable to labor the way I wanted to, so I chose to give birth to my fourth daughter at home. After that amazing experience, and the quality of care I received from my two midwives, I sensed a new passion rise up in my spirit and I felt a desire to help other women like my midwives helped me.  After ten years of being a certified nursing assistant, working in long-term care facilities, and ten years of cleaning houses, I found my calling. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of pregnancy and birth to other women. It makes me feel like I'm giving women something back; something that was misplaced and buried underneath the rubble of western medicine and technology- Birth empowerment! We already have it inside of us; sometimes we just need somebody with compassion and love to remind us of our potential in the midst of emotional chaos and pain. I am trained and certified in the ancient practice of using the rebozo (a beautiful Mexican shaw) during childbirth to bring comfort, rhythmic movement, relaxation, and better positioning during childbirth. I am ready to serve women in the Texas Hill Country area!

I have always been a hard worker and someone who put all my heart and energy into whatever job I am doing, whether it's giving aid to the elderly as a certified nursing assistant, cleaning a home for a family in need of help, or giving positive, supportive attention to laboring women. My purpose is to give of my talents, time and energy, and radiate love and encouragement to those I come into contact with. I am known by those who receive my services, that I'm that person that goes the extra mile.

No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him or her: it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required, that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.

             -Charles Kendall Adams


Even if you are planning a birth with an epidural, 

the evidence suggests that a doula can help make things go much more smoothly.

-Emily Oster, Evendence Based Birth

These are photos taken of me during the training class I took on how to use the rebozo Mexican shaw during childbirth. Natasha Sanchez taught the Gena Kirby method of the ancient art of using a rebozo to bring comfort, relaxation, and rhythmic movement to a woman during labor. In the first photo, I'm doing the "sweaty cowboy" position to help support the mother's belly with the rebozo while I gently squeeze her hips with my thighs and use counter-pressure with my hand on her back to help reduce pain. 

The rebozo is a very effective tool to use to help the birthing mother relax her perineal muscles and buttocks (middle photo) and to gain leverage and power to push baby out (far right photo). These are just a few of the many positions that can be implemented during childbirth using the rebozo. You'll get to experience what many women in Mexico have been doing for centuries to help ease pain and bring about relaxation for more comfort during labor and birth.