Welcome to Divine River of Birth!

     I am here to support women during the second and third trimester, labor and delivery, and the weeks after the birth of their babies. I am a certified birth doula. serving the Texas Hill Country and Austin areas. I received my certification through Tiny Love Doulas. 

     What is a doula and what does she do? Also known as a birth coach, she is a walking, talking, birth ball carrying, rebozo wearing abundance of birth information! She prepares pregnant women and their partner for birth and parenting by providing emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She helps the laboring woman communicate her preferences for her care and be confident in the decisions she makes. She ensures the pregnant mother's choices are being heard and respected. She empowers the mother with encouragement and a positive environment while securing the mother's safety as a priority. She ensures the birth plan is not forgotten and that it goes as close to plan as a possible. She is knowledgeable on different methods to manage pain naturally during a drug-free birth. She is LOVE in action!


      "Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers, who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

                    -Barbara Katz Rothman


Contact me to set up an interview and see how I can help you make your birthing experience uniquely beautiful!​ 


Prenatal Services

-acquires resources on childbirth education to help pregnant women and their partner make informed decisions 

-Now offering a SupportingHer birth education course for the partner of the birthing mother (included in Partner Education package)

-suggests local birthing and parenting classes to enhance birth knowledge and confidence in becoming a new parent 

-assists in birth plan preparation via planning and position practices 

-demonstrates comfort measures, labor and birthing positions, how to use a birthing ball and the benefits of a rebozo for use during childbirth 

- with the Rebozo package, rebozo shaw included to use during remainder of pregnancy for support of belly, during childbirth, and to carry baby after birth

-on call 24/7 four weeks prior to due date

Labor & Delivery Services

-arrives at place of birth whenever birthing mother chooses

-continuous support during the whole childbirth process 

-utilizes available devices to assist and comfort the birthing mother as the need arises

-encourages & empowers the birthing mother to use her own voice to ensure her birthing choices are respected & kept as much as possible 

-implements breathing techniques & touch massage to help mother cope with pain more effectively 

-assists partner in being more involved in supporting birthing mother

-works with medical staff to ensure safety and well being of mother & child

Post Partum Services

-stays at place of birth a couple hours after the birth for continued support for mother, partner and newborn baby's needs

-visits the home two to three times, or more if needed, to provide more support and care  to help new parents adjust to having a newborn baby

-provides resources and help for any breastfeeding needs, post partum issues, and caring for new baby